Best quick hit slots to play online in 2023

In this post, you’ll discover what the Quick Hit series of slot games is , plus find out where to play them online. I’ll also reveal some top tips on how to land those elusive Quick Hit symbols and explain more about the progressive version of this popular slot.

First though, let’s examine why these different versions of Quick Hit are some of the most popular slots to play both online and in land-based casinos throughout the US.

The Anatomy of the Quick Hit Slot - Symbols and Payouts

Wild symbols feature heavily in many video slots but if you’ve only ever played on certain progressive jackpot slots, you might regard a wild symbol as pretty unexciting. On those types of slots, the wild can be any symbol and is essentially just another way of creating a winning combination. That’s not the case with the Quick Hit series of slots.

In essence, the original Quick Hit slot is a classic Las Vegas-style game that has been transformed by the addition of a special Quick Hit wild symbol. This icon features prominently in many of the other top games on my list so understanding its importance is key to playing these slots successfully.

Regarding the base game, there are a number of symbols that don’t fit into either of the two categories above. These include:

  • Blue Diamond
  • Watermelon
  • Lemon
  • Plum
  • 7
  • 6
  • 5
  • Bar Wild (can be any other symbol)
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The blue diamond is the highest paying of the standard symbols, rewarding you with 1000x your bet per line if you land three across a payline. In terms of the higher paying symbols, it is the Four Leaf Clover that rewards the biggest prize for a match of three. In this instance, you’ll win 500x your stake per line.

The Key to Winning Big is the Quick Hit Symbol

If you want to win big on any of these slots, you need to understand the value of the QuickHit symbol. You’ll receive a multiplier prize when you align three, four or five of these special icons on an active payline. The multipliers vary from slot to slot but generally speaking, here’s what you can expect:

As you can see, aligning five of the Quick Hit symbols will pay between 50x and 1250x your total stake. These prizes would come in handy but if I’m honest, when I play these slots, I’m hoping to line up the prizes for five of the Quick Hit Platinum symbols. Why? Because that would win me an eye-watering $200,000 at the maximum stake.

Before I get too carried away, it’s important to point out that hitting this kind of prize is easier said than done. To activate the free spins round and increase the chances of landing five of these Platinum symbols, I would recommend playing Quick Hit Platinum. Let’s take a look at how that works now.

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How to Play Quick Hit Platinum and Trigger the Free Spins Bonus

I’ve already explained that the key to winning big on any of these slots is to line up the special Quick Hit symbols. However, while playing Bally’s original , it’s a little difficult to trigger that bonus. In fact, according to my notes, over 400 spins had passed before I finally landed five Quick Hit symbols. Thankfully, Bally decided to address this issue and created a sequel, known unsurprisingly as .

In terms of the basics, Quick Hit Platinum is very similar to the original. There are 30 fixed paylines which means you have 30 opportunities to hit a winner on every spin. As on the original, the traditional high paying symbols such as the seven, bar symbols, and assortment of fruit are included.

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However, in terms of the potential payouts, these have been eclipsed by the introduction of the platinum style Quick Hit symbol. It is this icon that holds the key to the game’s progressive jackpot. Before I tell you how that works, first let’s recap the main symbols and their respective payouts.

So, as you can see, the fruit symbols don’t serve much purpose other than filling up space on the reels. If you want to win big, you need to line up those Quick Hit symbols. Five of the standard Platinum symbols will win you 1250x your total stake, which is significantly less than the original.

That may sound like a step back but the introduction of the progressive jackpot more than makes up for it. Unlike many progressive slots, it isn’t difficult to win this prize. You don’t need to be playing at the highest stake and you don’t need to line up five of the Quick Hit Platinum symbols. In fact, all you need to do is land three of the special logos anywhere on the reels.

At the time of writing, the Quick Hit Platinum jackpot was hovering around the $120,000 mark. That represents significant money in its own right. However, when you consider the fact that this slot routinely pays out millions of dollars, you can see why it’s so popular.

To trigger the free spins bonus, you need to land the free spins symbol on the first reel, at the same time as the bonus symbol lands on reels 2, 3, and 4. You’ll then be awarded up to 18 free games.

I should point out that I spent several hours testing this game and unfortunately, I was unable to trigger the bonus. However, I know it can be won as I checked the excluded states for the game and a player in South Carolina recently hit the limit and was forced to forfeit their winnings.

Even without the bonus, I enjoyed several sessions on Quick Hit Platinum. Yes, the main game can be a little dull, but the anticipation of the next spin keeps you engaged. When I think back to my time on the casino floor, I can recall huddling eagerly over the Bally machines, willing the reels to stop. That same sense of excitement is still present whenever I play this digital version.

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How to Play Other Variants of the Game

When Bally released Quick Hit Platinum, I thought the bar had been raised so highly that no other developer would attempt to create a rival slot. However, I was wrong, and several other top developers have tried to replicate its success.

In many ways, these slots have a lot living up to, so lets start by listing the alternatives in order of preference. You’ll notice that Quick Hit Platinum has retained its crown as the best game in this series.

1. Quick Hit Platinum – The Best Quick Hit Slot to Play Online

This is the best game in the series and the one I return to time and again. I love the fact you can win the progressive jackpot from as little as $0.10 per spin, plus the graphics and sounds are reminiscent of the old school slots we all know and love.

2. Quick Hit Counter

Developer: Bally

Reels/Paylines: 5 reels; 30 paylines (fixed)

Features: Wild symbol, free spins bonus

Complementing the original perfectly, this desktop-exclusive slot has stacked symbols. This means you can rack up multiple wins on each payline.

The free spins bonus is tough to land but well worth the wait.bonus is unlimited, which means you can win lots more spins once you’re already in the bonus round.

3. Quick Hit Slot

Developer: Bally

Reels/Paylines: 5 reels; 30 paylines (fixed)

Features: Wild symbol, free spins bonus

This is the game that started it all. While it looks slightly dated when compared to Quick Hit Platinum, this is still a fantastic slot. For me, the main drawback is the fact you can’t win a progressive jackpot.

On the plus side, it is possible to win up to 25 free spins and five times your stake. Whenever I play this game, I’m transported back to the days when I would spend hours pulling levers on the quick hit slots on the Vegas strip. If you’ve never played before, I’d encourage you to start with the demo version.

4. Quick Hit Cash Wheel

Developers: WMS Gaming

Reels/Paylines: 5 reels; 30 paylines (fixed)

Features: Wild symbol, bonus wheel feature

From Bally to WMS and a game that is similar in concept but feels slightly different when you play it. Part of WMS’s G+ Deluxe series, the graphics are sharper, and the soundtrack is more in your face.

The bonus is great and gives you a chance to win free spins, a POWER UP feature, or various cash prizes. However, I found it tough to land three of the bonus symbols simultaneously. All things considered, I prefer Cash Wheel to the original Quick Hit slot, but Baly’s effort still pips this to fourth place in my rankings.

5. Quick Hit Las Vegas

Developer: Bally

Reels/Paylines: 5 reels; 30 paylines (fixed)

Features: Wild symbol, free spins bonus

This is essentially the same game as Quick Hit Platinum but with a different color scheme. Instead of the usual purple, blue, and white, this slot is predominantly pink, orange, and teal.

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Personally, I don’t mind playing this one, however, I think it’s inferior to its better half, and so it falls to fifth and final place in my rankings.

6. Quick Hit Ba Zi

Developer: Ainsworth

Reels/Paylines: 5 reels; 10 paylines (fixed)

Features: Wild symbol, free spins bonus

This is the first game on my list not developed by Bally. In fact, it’s the only Quick Hit slot created by anyone else. Australian developer Ainsworth has done a good job of putting its own spin on the series, and I must admit, I rather like the end result.

The theme is based on ancient chinese astrology signs, and the music is more melodic than the typical ding, ding, ding of the other Quick Hit slots. Where this game falls down slightly is in the bonuses department. The free spins feature is tricky to land, and when you trigger it, you only get five additional goes.

On the plus side, it is possible to win up to nine additional free games, and the top payout for a combine of five ba zi logo symbols is 500x your total bet. Personally, I’d like to see beefed-up bonuses on this slot, but it’s still an enjoyable game to play, hence its inclusion on my list.

7. Quick Hit Super Quints

Developer: Bally

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Reels/Paylines: 5 reels; 40 paylines (fixed)

Features: Wild symbol, super quints bonus

The penultimate slot on my list adds nothing new to the Quick Hit mix. Just like Cash Wheel, this game benefits from stacks symbols, which can help you align five-of-a-kind combinations and win the Super Quints bonus.

This feature guarantees a prize of five high paying symbols, which could potentially be Quick Hit Platinum and therefore the progressive jackpot. Bally has removed the free spins feature from this game, and I think that’s a mistake. Therefore, I can’t rate it any higher than seventh place.

8. Quick Hit Silverse

Developer: Bally

Reels/Paylines: 5 reels; 40 paylines (fixed)

Features: Wild symbol, free spins bonus

The final entry on my list looks great. The neon colors and sharp imagery make this one of the most appealing Quick Hit slots. However, just like its stablemate Super Quints, Silverse lacks a free spins feature.

Some players will be happy that icons on the middle reel always come into view during a loss. From my tests, I found this feature to be irrelevant for consistent winners such as myself. Therefore, I can’t recommend this game over its rivals.

How to Win the Quick Hit Progressive Jackpot

The simple answer to this question is luck. If you want to hit the jackpot, all you need to do is land three or more of the special logos anywhere on the reels. The hard part is making that happen. However, there are some things you can do to maximize your chances of winning.

In my experience, the best way to trigger a bonus on slot is to bet at least 5% of the current jackpot value. Using that logic, I worked out roughly how much the jackpot should be when it’s time to cash out. See below for my calculations:

Based on the minimum seed amount ($2,048), it would take a maximum stake of $204.80 to guarantee a return of approximately 100% on your bet. Needless to say, that’s not a realistic strategy. Even if you did have a bankroll of $200+, chasing the seed amount would be foolhardy.

Rather than betting insane amounts in the hope of hitting the seed, I’d advise using a solid bankroll management plan. Set aside 3-5% of your balance and stick to it. If you’re lucky enough to win the jackpot, increase your limit in line with your bankroll.

Another tip is to play quickly. This does not apply to the free spins bonus, as you’ll win multiple goes. However, if you’re close to winning the jackpot, I’d strongly consider using rapid play or auto-spin to get as many spins in per hour as possible.

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Can I hit the jackpot on the minimum bet?

Yes, you can hit the jackets with a bet as low as $0.10 on Quick Hit Platinum.

What are the odds of winning the jackpot?

I wasn’t able to find exact details of the RTP for Quick Hit Platinum. However, we do know that the jackpot is programmed to seeds at $2,048. This suggests the win rate on the game is somewhere around the 80% mark.

Is the Quick Hit slot available on mobile?

Yes, you can play this game on most iOS and Android devices at .

What are the best Quick Hit slots?

quick Hit Platinum is the best game in this series. Its popularity is demonstrated by the fact it has an regularly rising jackpot. At the time of writing, the top prize was worth well over $100,000.


It takes time to win a progressive jackpot, regardless of the slot in question. My advice would be to treat the main game as a form of entertainment and enjoy the anticipation of each spin. Sure, it’s frustrating toalign no wins sometimes, but the sound effects on these games really do capture the buzz you’d feel in a real Vegas casino.

If you can maintain that mindset, the chance of winning a life-changing sum of money makes the tough times worthwhile. When it comes to picking a site, I’d recommend joining Wild Casino. This site is powered by Bally, so you know the games will run smoothly. On top of that, Wild Casino routinely offers exclusive bonuses to our readers, and their VIP scheme is second to none.

Do you have a favorite Quick Hit slot? If so, I’d love to hear about your experiences. Perhaps you’ve triggered the free spins feature on Counter or aligned five Quick Hit Platinum symbols to win the jackpot? If so, please drop me a message using the contact details below.

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