Of the best casino bonuses for first time players in 2023

If you’re new to the world of gambling, you might not know that there are many different types of casino bonuses out there. One of the most enticing offers that you can take advantage of as a first time player is the welcome bonus package.

In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about these deals including which are the best ones available at top-rated Internet casinos. Read on to learn more or jump straight to the and claim your offer right now!

Top 10 First Time Player Casino Bonuses

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  • $10 Minimum Deposit
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What is a First Time Player Bonus?

When it comes to , there are many different kinds of offers that you can claim. However, one of the most beneficial promotions for first time players is the welcome package. These deals provide newly registered users with a big bundle of bonus money and other extra goodies that they can use to extend their playtime and boost their winning potential when exploring an online casino for the first time.

So, if you have never played at a particular before, simply heading to our top-rated venues and claiming their welcome packages is a great way to get started. It will give you extra funds to use on your favorite games and improve your chances of scoring some exciting wins!

How to Play with First Time Player Casino Offers

If you are eager to start playing games at a casino for the first time with a tempting welcome package, just follow the three simple steps below:

  • Time Needed: 00:10
  • Tools Needed: Laptop or mobile
  • Software Needed: Email

How to Play with First Time Player Casino Offers Step 1

Research Bonuses

Before claiming any promotion, research the first time player casino bonus and its terms and conditions.

Step 2

Choose a Site

Look for a reputable site that offers lucrative welcome packages and has plenty of games.

Step 3

Register & Redeem

Create an account on your chosen site and redeem the bonus during the signup process.

Why Should You Take Advantage of Casino First Time Bonuses?

Now that you have a better idea of what first time player casino offers are let’s look at some of the main advantages of taking advantage of these deals:

Free Play: Perhaps the most obvious reason to claim a first time player casino offer is that it gives you free play at a casino. This means that you get to try out games, explore a gaming platform, and perhaps even score some exciting wins without having to spend any of your own hard-earned cash.

Big Bundles of Bonus Money: In addition to providing newly registered users with single deposits matches, many of the welcome packages at our featured casinos offer multi-part deals that give you several smaller match deposit bonuses. This is especially beneficial if you are on a tight budget, as you can spread your payments over several deposits and still get extra funds with each!

Various Payment Methods: When claiming a first time player casino bonus, you will usually have a variety of convenient and secure payment methods to choose from, including Visa, Mastercard, e-wallets, wire transfers, and more. Be sure to check the Cashier section of your chosen casino to see what options are available.

Improved Winning Potential: By claiming a first time player casino offer, you can boost your bankroll and thus improve your odds of hitting a big win. Even if you don’t end up walking away with a huge prize, you will still get to enjoy hours of quality entertainment and possibly even unlock some exciting bonus features and animations within your favorite real money casino games!

The Disadvantages of Casino Newcomer Offers

While there are many benefits to taking advantage of first time player casino offers, it is also important to keep the following drawbacks in mind:

Wagering Requirements: Almost all welcome packages come with stringent wagering requirements. This means that you will have to wager (or bet) the value of your bonus a certain number of times before you are allowed to withdraw it as real cash. Failure to meet these playthrough thresholds could result in you losing your bonus funds.

Game Weight: Another point to consider is game weight. This refers to the contribution percentage that different casino games count toward fulfilling wagering requirements. In many cases, table games like blackjack only count as 5% while slots count as 100%.

Expiration Dates: Most first time player bonuses expire after a set period, usually between 30 and 60 days. This means that not only do you have to meet the wagering threshold within this timeframe, but you will also have to ensure that you have completed the necessary playthrough. Failing to do so will cause you to lose your bonus money.

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Contribution Percentage: Every casino game has a different percentage that it contributes toward clearing a . For instance, slots typically contribute 100%, meaning that $1 wagered on a slot machine will count as $1 towards your wagering target. Meanwhile, table games may only contribute 5% or 10%. So, if you wager $10 on roulette, only $0.50 to $1 would go toward meeting your playthrough.

Minimum Deposit Limits: While many welcome packages boast high match rates, few budget casino first time player offers. As a result, making a small deposit could leave you with a bonus that has an incredibly steep playthrough target.

Types of First Time Player Casino Welcome Packages

There are various kinds of welcome packages that first-time casino players in the US can claim. Let’s take a closer look at some of them below:

First Deposit Match Bonuses

This type of welcome offer provides newly registered users with a matching bonus based on the amount of their very first deposit. For example, if you claim a 100% first deposit match bonus up to $100 and deposit $100, the casino will add another $100 to your bankroll for free. While this is a common type of deal found in casino first time player guides, some promos cap the max bonus at lower deposit amounts.

Multi-Part/Multi-Stage Casino Welcome Packages

Rather than receiving a single first time player deposit bonus, players can sometimes claim multiple match deposit offers as part of a multi-stage welcome package. In such instances, players will often be able to claim two, three, four, or even more match bonuses as they continue to make further deposits.

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It is worth noting that some of the stages in these multi-part offers come with lower match rates than average. For instance, while the first deposit bonus may be a generous 100% match, subsequent offers could drop down to 50% or even 25%. Additionally, some casinos will require you to use a specific first time player bonus code to activate each successive match bonus.

No Deposition Bonuses

Unlike the offers mentioned above, no deposit bonuses allow casino first timers in the USA to score bonus funds without having to make their first deposit. Instead, simply by creating your account, you will instantly receive a lump sum of cash that you can start using right away. While this is a very attractive proposition, the downside is that no deposit offers tend to be much smaller than their match deposit counterparts.

Preferred Payment Method Bonuses

To encourage players to use certain preferred payment methods, many top online casinos provide bonus funds to those who deposit using a specified list of banking options. These deals usually come in the form of a first deposit match offer, with the size of the bonus increasing according to the size of your deposit.

For instance, you might be able to claim a 10% bonus up to $200 when depositing using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or another supported crypto asset. Alternatively, you might be eligible for a 20% bonus up to $50 when funding your account using a specific peer-to-peer payment service.

Expediated Withdrawals

Some welcome packages promise to expedite your withdrawal requests. Essentially, this means that if you meet the playthrough targets associated with your match deposit bonus, the casino will process your withdrawal request faster than usual.

At many online casinos, standard withdrawal requests are processed within 5 to 10 business days. However, if you clear a welcome offer quickly enough, you might be able to receive your winnings within just 24 to 48 hours. Of course, you will still have to wait for your transaction to clear on its end, but the casino won’t hold onto your money unnecessarily.

First-time casino players should always read through the full terms and conditions of any welcome offer that they are considering claiming to determine whether it is subject to these expedited withdrawals stipulations or not. Moreover, it is crucial to remember that even if you meet the wagering requirements of a bonus, you will still have to wait for your withdrawal to be processed according to the casino’s regular payout schedule. Meeting playthrough targets merely exempts you from slower-than-usual processing times.

Refund/Cashback Offers

In addition to match deposit bonuses, some online casinos accept first-time players with a refund or cashback offer. Rather than giving you extra funds to extend your playtime, these deals see you getting some of your original deposit back in the event of bad luck.

For example, you might receive a 20% refund on your losses up to $100. Although this might not sound overly appealing at first, such offers do come with a key benefit – there are no wagering requirements! Since you are being refunded your own money, there is no need to meet any thresholds before you can withdraw it. Of course, you should still double-check the terms and conditions to verify that there are no surprise strings attached.

How to Select the Right Offer

With so many different first time player casino offers to choose from, it can be tough to select the right deal for you. To help you out, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What’s the Match Rate? The match rate refers to the percentage of your deposit that the casino will match. Generally, the higher the better.
  • What’s the Max Bonus? Online casinos apply a maximum limit to their first time player offers. Make sure that the max bonus at a casino will provide you with the extra funds you need.
  • What Other Bonuses Are Included? Some welcome packages feature additional perks like free spins, VIP programs, expedited withdrawals, and more. Assess which extras appeal to you.
  • What Are the Wagering Requirements? No first-time casino bonus comes rural. Check the playthrough threshold to ensure that you are prepared to put in the necessary work to clear the bonus.
  • When Does It Expire? There is little sense in claiming a welcome package with a 2x match rate that doesn’t expire for six months if you only have time to play casino games for the first time occasionally.
  • Are There Game Weight Restrictions? Some bonuses can only be cleared wagering certain games. If you know that you are going to spend all of your gameplay time playing a particular type of casino game, make sure that it carries sufficient weight.
  • Do You Need a Bonus Code? Many welcome offers at the top first-time player casinos in the US require you to enter a special first time player bonus code when making your qualifying deposit. Always check the terms and conditions of a bonus to verify whether a code is required.
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Other Types of Gambling Welcome Promotions

Although first-time player casino bonuses are a popular form of welcome promotion, they aren’t the only type out there. Below, we will examine some alternative offers that new players in the US can claim.

Sportsbook Welcome Bonuses

Sports betting first-time player offers are almost identical to those provided by online casinos. Instead of receiving a deal that they can use on any game or activity within a betting site, sports bettins bonuses are tied to specific markets.

For instance, you might claim a 100% match deposit bonus that can be used on spread betting markets for major league baseball games. In this case, if you deposited $100 and activated the full bonus amount, you would have $200 in bonus funds available to use across suitable markets.

Another prominent type of sees new bettors given a “second-chance” bet. In such instances, if your initial wager loses, the sportsbook will refund the value of your stake up to a certain amount. For example, you might receive a $50 refund on your first loss.

Poker First Deposit Bonuses

are a bit different from both casino and sports betting offers. Rather than receiving a lump sum of bonus money that you can use however you please, poker sites provide players with funds gradually as they play.

For instance, you might receive $500 worth of bonus funds the next time you register at a top poker site. However, rather than receiving this cash upfront, you’ll only be able to withdraw it once you generate $500 worth of rake while playing real-money poker games. Each time you rake $10, $20, or $25 (depending on the exact terms and conditions of the offer), you’ll receive $10/$20/$25 off your remaining balance. Therefore, it is crucial to read the full details of these deals to determine whether they are right for you.

How to Claim a First Time Player Casino Bonus

Ready to claim your first casino bonus as a new player? Just follow our simple step-by-step guide below:

How to Claim a First Time Player Deposit Bonus

  1. Choose Your Venue – Head to your chosen casino and click on the “Sign Up” or “Register” button to get the ball rolling.
  2. Create an Account – Follow the on-screen instructions to fill out the registration form. You will generally need to provide personal details like your name, address, email, and date of birth.
  3. Select Your Bonus – Before making your first deposit, select your welcome package from the promotions menu. Some casinos will automatically opt you in to the offer when you register, while others will require you to enter a bonus code.
  4. Make Your Deposit – Head to the casino cashier and choose your preferred payment method. Enter your deposit amount and follow the prompts to complete the transaction. Your first deposit casino bonus should be added to your account automatically.
  5. Read the T&C – Before attempting to withdraw your bonus funds and any winnings generated therefrom, make sure to read the full terms and conditions to avoid violating any rules.
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Contribution Percentages: Which Games Clear Bonuses Best?

As discussed earlier, game weight plays a pivotal role in how fast you clear a first time player casino offer. Below, we offer a breakdown of how some of the most popular casino games contribute toward wagering requirements.

  • Slots – Most 5 reel slot machines contribute 100% towards clearing wagering requirements.
  • Video Poker – Popular variants like Jacks or Better and Joker Poker usually carry a contribution rate of around 20%.
  • Blackjack – Traditional versions of this card game typically contribute around 5% toward clearing a welcome offer.
  • Live Dealer Games – You can usually clear around 20% of your wagering target by playing live dealer blackjack, baccarat, and roulette variations.
  • Bingo – A significant percentage of your wagers when playing bingo games will count toward meeting your playthrough target.
  • Keno – Like bingo, a substantial proportion of each wager you place on keno games will likely contribute toward your wagering requirements.
  • Scratch Cards – Online scratch cards often contribute around 20% or more toward fulfilling wagering targets.
  • Table Games – Other popular table games like craps, Sic Bo, and various forms of roulette, blackjack, and baccarat often contribute between 20% and 30%.
  • Progressive Jackpot Games – While the odds of hitting a big progressive jackpot are low, a portion of every wager you place on these games will likely contribute toward clearing your welcome bonus.
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Tips to Make the Best Use of Casino First Time Offers

We have already touched upon why first time player bonuses are a good idea and why you should show caution when trying to clear a casino newbie offer. Now, let’s dive into some handy tips that will help you make the most out of these promotions.

  • Read All Terms and Conditions – Before activating your welcome offer, read the full terms and conditions carefully to understand what you are signing up for.

  • Don’t Miss Out On Bonus Funds – Be sure to collect on all the funds owed to you. It can be easy to miss out on free money if you don’t regularly check your account history.

  • Understand Wagering Requirements – Few casino first time player offers are worth pursuing due to the massive wagering requirements. Don’t waste your time chasing bonus cash that you’ll never be able to withdraw.

  • Consider the Expiration Date – Some welcome packages expire within just 30 days. If you don’t think you’ll be able to clear the bonus within this time frame, it may not be worth your while.

Avoiding Bonus Abuse

First time player bonuses come with strict terms and conditions designed to prevent bonus abuse. Bonus abusers are individuals who open multiple accounts at a single casino or several different sites using fake names and details in order to claim and cash out numerous welcome offers.

To prevent bonus abuse, top online casinos can refuse bonuses on deposits made via Skrill or Neteller. They may also prohibit players from withdrawing bonus funds until natural measurements separate fact from fiction.

It is essential to note that there is nothing wrong with not being able to withdraw bonus money if you have broken no rules. We recommend using first-time player casino guides with confidence, registering at top sites, and honestly intending to enjoy their gaming libraries rather than trying to game the system. Doing so will allow you to fully experience these captivating platforms in style.

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